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L'Angevine on Open

L'Angevine on Jewelled Cobweb

Steven on Jewelled Cobweb
Wow!! Stunning capture that is Spotlight-worthy!! 5*****

L'Angevine on Lilly
bien ce rapprochement

L'Angevine on Fly on Flowerhead

L'Angevine on Blu Tit Chick in Nest

L'Angevine on Dandelion Lace

rbassin on Dandelion Lace
C'est graphique et naturel, bien vu.

Ana Lúcia on Dandelion Lace
Wow! Love the detail! Brilliant frame!

L'Angevine on Seed Head
agréable recherche

Harry on Seed Head
cool shot

L'Angevine on Colourful Culinaries
une connexion parfaite entre l'esprit de cette recherche...

L'Angevine on Droplet on Leaf
oh excellente recherche

omid on Droplet on Leaf
such beautiful composition, focus, colors & reflections! L O V E L Y !!!!

L'Angevine on Pride and Power

ceteceva on The Tree have Ears
Joli cadrage !

ceteceva on Alien
Superbe !

ceteceva on Pride and Power
Attache solide !

L'Angevine on Inside the Shed
bien ces scies

Harry on Inside the Shed
excellent use of natural light

L'Angevine on Fringed with Frost

omid on Fringed with Frost
such beautiful frame, colors & textures! Lovely!

L'Angevine on Star Grazing

L'Angevine on Morgan Aero

L'Angevine on The Tree have Ears

L'Angevine on Alien
une intéressante recherche qui nous rend un intéressant travail

franz on Alien
A most impressive testimonial to the ever-present power of nature and life, and a wonderful closeup as well!

L'Angevine on A Canal Stroll

L'Angevine on Street Art
bon travail

L'Angevine on One Second Before Lift Off

omid on One Second Before Lift Off
such beautiful composition, tone, lights & atmosphere! Amazing!

franz on Dome, Liverpool Town Hall
Superb pov and angle, and as sharp as one could wish!

L'Angevine on Dome, Liverpool Town Hall
superbe ces cercles

L'Angevine on Standing to Attention

franz on Standing to Attention
Interesting and captivating combination of shapes and textures!

L'Angevine on Silhouette
bonne réalisation

omid on Silhouette
Lovely silhouettes!

L'Angevine on Mr Hancox outside his workshop
superbement bien travaillé

k@ on Mr Hancox outside his workshop
Real great portrait.

farNaaz50 on Mr Hancox outside his workshop
I love Mr Hancox :)

L'Angevine on Textured Tree
une splendide création

L'Angevine on Velvet Folds
une belle réalisation recherchée

MAU on Velvet Folds
Beautiful image indeed. To me, even better when viewed large on a dark background.

franz on Velvet Folds
Intricate patterns and a very pretty hues. Reminds me a bit of image!

L'Angevine on Head of Eagle
bien ce cadrage

omid on Head of Eagle
very nice portraits! Amazing !!!

franz on Head of Eagle
Wonderfully sharp and perfectly framed! Very effective background and bokeh as well.

franz on Fan
Superb macro with terrific focus and charming details!

L'Angevine on Fan
oh excellent

franz on Winter in tatton Park
Very good monochrome, with fine tonality and an intriguing leading line into the distance. I like the inclusion of the ...

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